Don't just take your clothes off!


Inglês: Don't just take your clothes off!

Romaji: Nugebaiitte Monjanai !

Hiragana: 脱げばいいってモンじゃない



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Letra (Romaji) :


Letra (Inglês):

"Don't just take your clothes off!"
You're quite a moron, aren't you?
I've lost my drive, thanks to you. Good night then.

"Girls shouldn't be smoking."
"Your skirt is too short!"
"You're on your monthlies? Your mouth would be fine then!"
...I'm not your doll, you know!

"You'll look better in these!"
"Aren't you staying over tonight?"
"Then ride on me this time."
...have your mouth shut by now!

"Don't just take your clothes off! Do it more sexily!"
"Can I put my finger in your @ss? Then can I lick it?"'re reading too much of those magazines, you moron!
"Hey, when are you going to be squirting?"
...shut up...! SHUT UUUUUP!!

Just shut your mouth and lie yourself down naked.
You're actually quite handsome if you don't open your mouth, you know?
So do you really get why I'm angry?
...why would you actually be shutting your mouth at this moment?
Good night then.

"Could you lend me those underwear that you were just wearing?"
"Could I touch your body? Lower parts in specific?"
"Let's go the hotel. I became horny."'s not that I'm feeling really hesitant,

"Stay with me as long as tomorrow continues."
"I love you."
"Thank you for everything."
I just want those typical lines from you.

"Later on, I have my head full right now!"
"Don't worry, you look good in anything."
Your computer looks like your girlfriend to me.
When are you going to turn this way? Hey?
Look at me!!

I may really get tired of you if you would keep on behaving like that, you know?
I'm not a girl who could be smiling through everything.
And again, are you listening to what I'm saying?
Don't just embrace me without a word...!

When we quarrelled over each other's impression of a boring movie...
When a drama's love scene made an awkward atmosphere...
When the match of our eyes made our heart beat, before we became together back then...
You always embraced me without a word.

I always end up forgiving you since I love you afterall,
but I also want some kinds words from you once in a while.
What's that mouth you have there for?
"To kiss you."
...shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!

Just shut your mouth and lie yourself down naked.
You don't have to open your mouth to make me satisfy you.
I wonder myself why I chose a guy like you...
And you embrace me again without a word. Oh, my heart beat!

Phew, thanks for listening!
*bows down*